Welcome to the BamaHouses.Com site navigation page.  Here, you will find a brief explanation of our navigation options and tips on what to expect as you utilize our services.

Home :  The home link takes you to our opening page.  Here you will find special interest topics, a search area, and links to other areas within the site.  A special note about this link.  At any time during your navigation of the site, you can return to the home page.  However, if you return to this page while entering data necessary to process your order, your session will be invalid and you may need to repeat the process.  Be sure to enter all data and complete any transactions before returning to this page.

Buying:  The buying link takes you to a page where you can enter a few parameters about the property you are looking for.  Once submitted, you request is processed and the closests matches to your request are returned from our database.  Once the matches are produced, you can view the vital stats and amenities of each property as well as review the pictures submitted with each ad.  You can also easily flip through each property that fit your original request.

Selling: The selling link takes you to a page where you can begin to enter data about yourself and your property.  You will then be given a chance to enter additional amenities the property offers as well as upload pictures of the property.  Finally, you will be able to choose from several different payment options to complete your order.  Remember, returning to the home page at any time during this process will invalidate your session and may cause you to have to repeat the process.  Be sure to enter all data and complete any transactions before returning to the home page.

Calculator: This page offers a simple calculator that allows you to get an idea about what your payments will be.  Just enter in the total price, down payment, interest rate, and press calculate to get the number and amount of your monthly payments.

Tips:  Everyone can use a few tips to help tackle the task of selling a home.  This page offers perspectives about selling a home and various tid bits about how to get your property ready to ensure it sells as quickly as possible.

Contacts:  If you have a question, need additional assistance or would like to advertise on this site, this link will give you several means of contacting those who can help you...



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